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Before joining the Schengen space, the circulation of goods and people had to go through protected and monitored borders. There were mandatory duties and taxes for the import and export of goods, which made many people turn to smuggling to garner more income. This was all the more true in more troubled times in our recent history, such as during the Spanish Civil War or during World War II. The border was also a physical barrier which had to be overcome in order to look for other opportunities in other countries. 


The Pica-Chouriços Route takes us back to times where some gave chased and other escaped: the times of the border guards and smugglers. The long watches and the great risks. We look at lives, families and at the history of this border marked by endless possibilities.


The Pica-Chouriços Route lasts 1 or 2 days and is available all year round in Alandroal, Mourão, Barrancos, Moura and Serpa.